With a focus on people, business culture and effective change management, Deanne offers 1:1 Business Coaching and works with The Asking Leader to offer Consulting services to companies ready for change.

From streamlining day-to-day activities to defining strategy to advising Boards and everything in-between, we are confident that The Asking Leader has the right Consultant for your business.

1:1 Business Coaching

Working with owners and key employees, 'one-on-one' business coaching supports effective change and positive growth from an individual level.


Beginning with getting clear about what you really want, to providing the motivation and support you need to make it happen, business coaching is specifically tailored to you, focusing on the things that really matter.


Depending on your location and preference, 1:1 Business Coaching can be done in-person, over the phone or online. This includes regular meetings, checkins, and expert guidance to keep you on track, as well as the support to break-through obstacles as they arise and skills to address anything that has been holding you back.


You’ll get clear about what is most important and create the goals, strategy, and actions to achieve more than you would have thought possible.

Business Meeting

Business Consulting

I am delighted to be part of The Asking Leader group, offering a unique perspective for business owners ready to create effective change in their companies. 

From analysis to strategy to implementation, we work with companies wanting change, who need help figuring out the what or the why, and the motivation or band-width to see it through. 

We offer support and workshops tailored to your business type and stage:

  • Start-up

  • Growing

  • Turn-around

  • Merging

  • Infinite

  • Exit

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is where we work together on things not necessarily related to your business life.


You might be ready for a role change or looking to improve other aspects of your life. Where-ever you are, know that it’s OK to want more, because you are not meant to fly economy!


Life Coaching is offered over the phone or online and includes regular meetings, check-ins and ongoing guidance. Similar to Business Coaching, it begins with getting clear about what you really want. As your Coach, I am in your corner every step of the way, as you break-through obstacles and take care of the things that have been holding you back, to create a life that makes you truly happy.


Are you ready to upgrade your life but not sure if you can afford a coach? Ask about the ‘pay what you can’ option, supporting people who need a little help right now.

Taking Selfie

From day one Deanne has been extremely personable, welcoming and open to sharing her knowledge and experience.


Everything I have learned about the Corporate travel space has come from Deanne, who is an expert in both the business and technical aspects of the industry. All the while she remains extremely down to earth and humble about her expertise. 

- Shaden Mohamed 

Deanne initially joined as a consultant and later accepted the General Manager role, where she was instrumental in optimising the integration between systems, introduced a meeting cadence for the company and Board, improved working relationships between staff and departments, streamlined the company structure to remove unnecessary steps and substantially reduce external costs, and importantly, improved staff engagement.


Deanne can always be counted to provide valuable insight and guidance. Her integrity is admirable, and I could sum it all up… Deanne cares and it shows.

- Elizabeth Ann Noel