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Business coach. Life coach. Leadership Development. Renovation and Design.

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If you're ready to improve your life or business, or planning to renovate your home or investment property, you’ve come to the right place... At Not Meant to Fly Economy we are all about the upgrade!


From Personal Coaching to Leadership development and beautiful Renovations, we’ll help you create a life, business, and career you love.

Personal Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Life Coaching

Renovation and Design

  • Design inspiration

  • Project Management

  • Coaching and support

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What others are saying

Mel Z, from Sydney said:


"Deanne is just fantastic!


During my time working with her she really was a 'Jill of all trades'!


From implementing systems and processes to streamline projects across People, Culture and Technology to leading teams to achieve audacious goals. She showcased her knowledge by speaking on panels to industry experts, was always nominated for the latest tech innovation award and was a mentor to many, including myself.


Deanne’s tenacious attitude ensures any project that is started - gets completed, and her enthusiasm and friendly nature makes working with her a delightful experience."

Mike F, from Cambodia said:


"Over the years I’ve utilised, implemented many of the skills, methods, and techniques I’ve learnt from Deanne. 

These have improved both my business and personal life awareness, balance, and their integration enormously.


Insightful and experienced, as she is patient and kind when it’s needed, and always there to call BS when it’s not. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

Kim W, from Glebe said:


"Deanne is a true delight to work alongside. Her methodical approach to everything she did gave me great comfort especially as she was looking after our IT & Tech and People & Culture strategies and teams!


A safe and capable pair of hands comes to mind… add to that her empathetic leadership style! Not to mention unwavering discipline when it comes to all things systems, processes, documentation, and project management. 


Deanne sees the fine detail, without losing sight of the bigger picture. I’ll cherish my time working with her."

Liz N, from Canberra said:


"Deanne initially joined as a consultant and later accepted the General Manager role, where she was instrumental in optimising the integration between systems, introduced a meeting cadence for the company and Board, improved working relationships between staff and departments, streamlined the company structure to remove unnecessary steps and substantially reduce external costs, and importantly, improved staff engagement.


Deanne can always be counted on to provide valuable insight and guidance. Her integrity is admirable, and I could sum it all up… Deanne cares and it shows."

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